Psychology Blog Columns Moved

I’ve decided to officially separate my psychology posts from politics by making a new blog site. Those of you who are looking and waiting for new psychology blog columns, go to my new site, I will not be deleting this site as there might be people who are interested in seeing what I have to say for certain political issues. However, my psychology blog columns will from now on be available at Thanks for your cooperation, guys. I hope you’ll keep reading up on my columns. 🙂


New Blog Topic (And Recent Week Catch-Up On Real Life)

So, after some thinking, I’ve decided to switch gears to philosophy and its ties to popular culture. As I announced in my last blog post, I’ve grown tired of the constant bickering in politics and long decided to move on. My decision on what to do with my political posts remains undetermined. While politics did give me an opportunity to voice my opinions, I acknowledge I didn’t know much about it. I was just offering my view in general. I didn’t know what the laws’ objectives were, and had very little economic concept. Therefore, I think philosophy is a much better topic for me to write about. It’s a really good representation of our lives, in my opinion. And hopefully, I’ll be able to satiate your appetites for interesting topics. xD Just hopefully. Meanwhile, I have to say I really like my class schedule. I’ve got classes that are within my level of comprehension.I’ve got great teachers (Although, personally, I would’ve preferred having my Junior year teacher again for English, but eh… oh well. xD) I’m back to playing NHL 12 (Yes, I was on a short break due to the increasing amount of frustration and the fear of my sanity slowly deteriorating.) now that I can actually literally be in the skates of an NHL hockey player. So, yah. Life’s good. Oh and, great news for y’all Seniors out there. SENIORS WON HOMECOMING! WOOOT! LOL. And btw, Party Rock FTW hands down. So yeah, I’ll hopefully be getting my first actual post on my views of every day life very soon. So, watch out for that. 😉 Hope you enjoyed my awesomely concise life story. Until next time, peace out.

Closing The Doors (Kind of…)

Since, again, I haven’t been active in posting new blog posts about political stuff, I’m officially leaving the blog unattended. I know, I know. I’ve written great articles. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading them. I sincerely hope you enjoyed them. I’ve decided to “close the doors” for two reasons. I’ve just simply moved on from politics. That’s right. Politics may have been slightly annoying, but somehow I was still able to take an interest in the subject. However, as I’ve said before many times, Washington D.C. doesn’t appear to be doing s*** (or anything good) about our economy. The GOP still consists of whiners. Nothing’s happening. I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of hearing Sarah Palin’s name. I’m sick of hearing about the GOP. I’m sick of hearing about the Tea Party. And, well, to say the least I’ve become less interested in what President Obama has to offer now. I mean, let’s face it. No matter what he puts on the table, it’s not like anyone’s going to join their hands in unity. This recession is far from over, and we know it.

Also, because it’s just the same bulls*** over and over again, I feel it’s really going to become overly repetitive in my posts, therefore making my blog less interesting with the same points made over and over and over and over. I mean, wouldn’t you just get sick of it? So, I’ve decided enough of politics. I’m not completely leaving my post, however, as I might post some significant events in our nation (Like maybe honoring our troops on Memorial Day.). But, other than that, I’m done.

9/11: 10 Years Later

On the morning of September 11, 2001, two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center; one of the crashing into the North Tower and the other into the South. The scene of this awful terrorist attack was shocking, the tremendous loss of life taking a huge toll on the American people. On the 10th anniversary of this horrible tragedy, let us all remember the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost, whether it be the employees of the WTC or the 343 firefighters that sacrificed their lives in an attempt to evacuate the employees.


We also will never forget the acts of heroism that took place on United Flight 93. A day before the 10th annivesary of 9/11, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush along with Vice President Joe Biden spoke to an audience at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the site where Flight 93 crashed in a field; the site which a memorial with the names of the 40 passengers and crew on that airplane was unveiled. These 40 individuals, like any American — like any New Yorker –, were just innocent American citizens who, as Biden said, “never asked to fight a war”. But they did. They never had any chance to think over what was happening or what to do next. Life consists of numerous split-second decisions, and like any American, I think they made a great one. With sacrifice and love, these 40 men and women chose to lead our nation in the first counter-attack against terrorism and avert a national tragedy being even greater than what it is today. The courage they showed, existing from when this nation began, brought so much influence to others that it let us know, as George W. Bush let us know, we can stand up for ourselves and we will. We will not fall to our knees in surrender, because we are the United States of America. May their names be forever etched into American history for years to come.


These victims of 9/11 never asked to die in such a gruesome way, nor did they deserve it. These, when the attacks happened, were ordinary citizens who had only one thing in mind: survival (Some just probably thought they were going to die.).  Some made it out alive, others perished. These were ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things; firefighters, co-workers, and police officers alike. Let us all have a moment of silence in honour of the fallen and remembrance of the terrlble events that occurred on that day, as we remember 9/11 as a symbol of courage and unity.


God Bless America.

The Idiocy Continues…

As economic turmoil continues to run high in an already fiscally ill nation, more and more people are declaring their candidacy for President. It seems that because Obama’s the President of the United States, more and more people want to run against him to increase the pressure. What these idiots don’t realize, however, is that we don’t NEED a new President to run this nation. The President is already doing his best and doing what he can. Sure, you can’t please everyone. But look, the point is not to please everyone in the U.S. The point is to get this nation back on track economically so that we can get back on top in education, and in scientific research.

I know I posted a blog article about how S&P downgraded our bond rating. Honestly, now that I think about it, what the hell does it matter? Although I still say that Congress needs to straighten up and be more mature and serious about the economic situations it handles, so what if the Stock Market crashes? For crying out loud, China’s ahead of us and they’ve got a rating of AA-. In all honesty, I think the rating is just to give Washington a wake-up call in what it’s doing wrong (which quite frankly I don’t think anyone is listening and/or even understands.). Look, people running for President here and there isn’t going to cut it for me. Oh yeah, sure. Every politician can make commercials on how they can get the economic back on track and how the opposing party is lying and just playing games. And now the GOP’s laying the Constitution card and talking about states’ rights. Okay, seriously. What the hell does states’ rights even have to do with our now constantly struggling economy?

I just don’t think either side gets it, especially the GOP. What we need is for Congress to clean up its act of stupidity and get their heads straight. Hey, we all know they can do it. But are they really willing to cooperate with the Democrats? Or are they just going to stay in the same chair of stubbornness and laziness? It’s like it’s not even your average Democracy anymore. They’re just using the system to play the nation’s citizens like puppets. They don’t understand what we’re going through right now, and what it’s like to lose a job and be unemployed for almost a year.

Facing The Reality Of Dirty Politics

As I sat in my office chair in my room, bored, I thought about writing up a blog post about the economy again. But everything just seems so repetitive now. Nevertheless, I browsed CNN for a news article worthy of blogging. Then, as I browsed, something caught my attention. It was an article titled “Washington ignores lessons of S&P downgrade. Now being interested in what this author had to say and half thinking,”No way, it can’t be possible.”, I skim-read through the article. After the S&P downgrade, President Obama once again tried to calm the financial markets saying that America will be united, and that Democrats and Republicans will push politics aside to get this nation back on its feet. Okay, seriously, how many times have we heard that? I mean, we all appreciate the President’s attempts to soothe the public’s economic uncertainty, but sooner or later, we’ve got to face facts; we’ve got to look reality straight in the eye.

No matter what happens, the Democrats and Republicans will always have their many differences blocking the way of getting anything done. Democrats will always be insisting on their part that such-and-such deal is good for the nation’s economy while the always-stubborn Republicans will stay nailed to the ground of the GOP. Rarely will there be any neutral ground gained between the two. Standard and Poor’s downgraded the nation’s bond rating to AA+ for a reason, a reason that Washington D.C. appears to have either not paid enough attention to or just clearly doesn’t understand. Now, I may not be a political genius, or an economic wiz. But I can tell you this. Politics now compared to politics in the past has changed drastically.

Honoring The Fallen

Just a few days ago, a U.S. helicopter crashed in Afghanistan in the single deadliest attack on U.S. troops since the Afghan War began. 30 U.S. soldiers were killed, among them were 24 Navy SEALs who were participants of the mission of bringing down Osama bin Laden. In the midst of all the politics in Washington, I would like to please ask us all to set aside our differences in remembrance of these brave men who risked their lives serving this great country. It is a great loss to America, a deep tragedy. Let us all take a moment of silence to remember these brave heroes. God Bless America.